Same Day PC Repair in San Diego



If you can’t stand without your PC we have good news for you! We’re here to support it and put it back on tracks for you.

We’ve been working with PCs for over 10 years and we are ready to provide the type of service that we expect when we are shopping for ourselves: Fast and Affordable!

We can help with pretty much any PC problems you may have:

  • Virus and Trojan removal
  • Laptop not charging
  • Computer too slow
  • Liquid spilling repair
  • Broken and dim screen
  • Computer upgrades
  • PC and Laptop backups
  • Data transfer
  • Data recovery
  • Small and Home Office support
  • Much more!


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3052 Clairemont Dr. Suite 12, San Diego, CA, 92117
Call us: (619) 794-4774 for estimates, or (619) 331-0900 for status on your job

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